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allroads's Journal

A Written Fad
17 April 1975
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For those of you that don't know me:

Originally from Southern New England, I've bounced around Central Florida for about 10 years now. Going from a small suburban town where time seems to have stopped to a city like Orlando was enough of a wake up call. So as much as I hear people complain about the area I still love it and will all around here for a while.

My tastes in music can be rather eclectic. My radio even ranges from metal to techno to college and classical. I never understood why people claimed to be 100% dedicated to one brand of music as sometimes it can be hard to tell one band from the next. It's mostly artistic expression, outside of manufactured bubblegum pop that is. Also, I have this DJ gig I do on occasion. Ask me about it sometime, especially if you're into J-Pop/DDR.

On occasion I like to write. Of course you'd think my LJ would be a little more packed with entries. Go, Wei Ch'i if you're nasty, is something I play time to time and while I'm still struggling to get the concepts of the game down I do enjoy how it teaches me to think a little more strategically. Also, I find I've been having a few conversations lately that debate some ideas, beliefs, and philosophies. Not on here yet. However my opinion is it's best to discuss when both sides are open minded and not trying to sway.

I'll try to pull the flashing images of my memory and bring them to the written form in LJ. Heed my warning that at times descriptions of events have been altered in favor of hyperbole. Whether or not you're entertained, moved, or otherwise is up to you.

But, for those of you that DO know me:
All hail the Allatolah of ROCK AND ROLLA!

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