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After further review of the play, Disney has decided to reverse their decision and I will be getting a birthday present from them after all.


DNF means Duke Nukem Forever or Did Not Finish.

Best comment I read on it:
"It took the United States less time to announce the space program and land a man on the f'n moon than it's taking for 3D Realms to make Duke Nukem: Forever."


Pretentious Internet Theatre Episode 3

Episode 3 is up...now for a little behind the scenes.

Basically, the question I got in episode 3 was asked to me and told him I'd look for it. I mean it's iconic, so maybe it doesn't "cross the line". If that was the case, I'd simply be able to mention that such an iconic story was tame by today's standards. Before I aired it I, the actor that plays Andrew Cook, told the person that asked the question it wasn't online. Then I told him I set myself up since I'm playing a heel.

Hopefully I'll be doing one-shots unless something else comes along. If they're short, maybe whatever takes about a half-hour. Of course, I'd like stories with bad spelling and such which forces me to pronounce it incorrectly with the artistic license the author originally intended. Also, I like how the original author contacted me in episode 2. To be fair, I think I'll try to make their counterpoint a standing tradition.

So when I get to Daveykins, business will definitely pick up.

BTW I would have loved to have done the first ever Mary Sue...holy crap that was a good story.
Alas, a troop covered it already. Granted they were doing a play, not an audiobook, but much respect to their style.

Shooting the Bird

I have terminated my account with Loudtwitter and will no longer be posting tweets on my LJ.
If you wish to follow my more mundane observations go to http://twitter.com/awrittenfad.

In other news, episode 3 of Pretentious Internet Theatre is done. Unfortunately, I have to figure out why it allows me to put up an .ogg file but not play it. That and I need a better host.
  • 03:46 When I was in high school Bart Simpson shirts were banned. Considering how mild they are years later, I wonder if they are to this day. #
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  • 00:33 @DoktorAvalanche I heard the story and it was not butter, just a butter like appearance. Dr_Monster uses gravy as a dessert topping. #
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  • 20:41 Donated blood in Oviedo. A+ is once of the ones in demand and I was eligible. #
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  • 05:43 I was eligible for a ticket not Disney$, Despite what Disney told me, 3 times. So happy drive there for no reason yesterday birthday to me. #
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