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I was trying to write shitty fanfic dammit

Last night someone complained to me that his Facebook feed was nothing but girls putting up song lyrics and pictures of themselves posing.
Me: Sounds like Livejournal
Him: WTF is a Livejournal ?
Me: Some site owned by Russians with a Ferret on it. Maybe you should try reddit...

Robots in Discussion

At my goddaughter's birthday/costume party a kid was dressed like Megatron from the new Transformers movies. He thanked me for recognizing his costume. Guessing a lot of adults don't, I explained when I was a kid Megatron looked different. He retorted when I was a kid Megatron, who weights in at a few tons and about 35ft tall, could turn into a gun that could be picked up by a human and that didn't make any sense at all. Guess I got told.

Happy 3 Kings Day

For those of you that didn't get receive my Christmas card.

If you didn't get it...eh.

Pretentious Internet Theatre Episode 14

Newest episode up

This was the first episode where the author was not only in on the joke, but tailored his fanfic to be presented in my program's format. When originally approached about the idea, I was a bit concerned. The format of my show was originally intended to lampoon fanfiction, and most of the authors have been good sports about it. Yet "Damian" here seemed to find intent and aspects of my program I don't necessarily see myself. At any rate, Episode 15 will wrap this story up and has already been recorded, edited, and music laid out. I just need to fuse the chapters together and get an intro hook.

BTW, who the hell listens to my show in Singapore?

For Episode 16, I'm planning a holiday special. As we all know Christmas needs saving from everyone in fiction, so I would hope a fanfic can't be too hard to find.
However I play an elitist who's supposed to be more hip than the Dos Equis Guy so I'd *like* to do something where the host says he's too 1337 to just one holiday on his show.
So I thought I'd start looking for fanfics relating to Kwanzaa and Hanukkah.
This is a little more difficult than plugging in "kwanzaa" and "fanfiction" into google.

Take for example How Could You Forget Us --The Christmas story by Squirl

Tasha continued, “It is supposed to remind us of our African roots and the principles for family and community. Each day celebrates a different principle. You would light a candle each day and after seven days it would end with a big celebration. Kids will get presents but those presents were usually books or something symbolic of Africa. It’s been awhile but let me see if I can remember the principles:

It's a joyous festival of copy->paste from there. The speaker would need a drink of water and an oxygen tent after reciting Wikipedia like that.

Yeah it's 7 chapters, otherwise I'd do it. The only other runner up is an acronym enriched Digimon fanfic from Ireland. Granted, it's implied Sephiroth celebrates Kwanzaa in it; which is a plus. However the author posted that he was busy with work and couldn't finish the story, in 2007. So cutting it at a weird point is making me reluctant to read it. Oh that and I may have a Daveykins like incident on my hands with the author, as in content, could be a problem here.

Of course if I find out Scientology celebrates something and someone wrote a fanfic on it, all bets are off.

Pretentious Internet Theatre 10

P.I.T. Episode 10 is online.http://tinyurl.com/pit-ten

The year was 1995, I was a clove smoking young man against the world with a trenchcoat and a attitude. I've since lost the cloves and coat. New to the internet, I came across fan-fiction and Sailor Moon.

Wouldn't you know? Their was a story that had both. It was like an Ed Wood movie in it's quality.

June 2008 was when I recorded the pilot. It was me, a mic, fanfic, and a buzzing noise I couldn't shake. I did a dry run with an episode of American Kitsune and figured out the format I wanted to do for my show. It took about an hour and a half to get through what takes up about 14 minutes of showtime.

So this show is a learning process. I've learned to read a story before hand, record with a windscreen, and drink water. I'm still trying figure out foley.

It all leads here, to the series finale.
British version of the word of course, but don't spread that around.

Last episode, Andrew Cook said he wanted to have others record with him. I didn't record any of the banter back and forth with my small audience. During the panel: I explained how I do a recording, the programs I use, and where to host a podcast for free. I didn't think to record any of it.

In case I threw a panel and no one came, I recorded a backup weeks earlier. I'd just have Andrew Cook explain no one was worthy of doing his show and throw that show on. Fortunately, I was able to get about 12 people to witness it. None of them ever heard of the show before, and they all did a great job.

Next time I'll try to do a separate outtake episode. Oh wait...their is a bombshell I announce at the end of the episode.

Episode 10 will have the story that originally inspired the show.

In Soviet Union...fiction slashes you

Episode 6 of P.I.T. is up...a forbidden romance between a girl named Maggie and an Autobot named Jazz called "Morning Tea".

I originally wanted to get this done in one, but it didn't work out.
Also, yeah I'm really sorry for my Jazz voice. I usually try to based it off the way the author wrote it. It looks like this author, Lola Hard from Russia, based a lot of his voice off the movie version. For some reason I did it like the love child of The Hitcher from Mighty Boosh and Dusty Rhodes.

P.I.T Episode 5

Episode 5 of Pretentious Internet Theatre is on the air.

In the opening notes, the author explains that she's was writing the story while undergoing sleep deprivation. That spells like gold to me. This one has a lot of author interaction. I even break character myself more than usual in this episode.

When I came up with the idea about a year ago, my friends thought it would be a great concept. I'll admit, you really have to have an odd sense of humor to follow through with with I'm delivering here. So this podcast isn't for everyone, I get that. The odd part is when I email the authors to get their reaction to a particular show they love it. Needless to say, this was sort of the opposite effect of what I was expecting.

Granted, I think this development opens the door for an "Inside the Fan Fiction Writer's Studio" type episode. Which will make it really interesting when I get to Daveykins.

Brown Hornet

Ahh not easy to find, but Batman wasn't Paul Dini's first superhero.

PIT Episode 4

Pretentious Internet Theatre Episode 4 is online featuring 2 Star Trek stories.

For a little background here. I recorded this last weekend, and was hoping to get it online then. That way some of the comments, I made as Andrew Cook, would have made a little more sense.
I, the actor playing Andrew Cook, really liked the movie. I mean it's not top ten of all time, but it's one of my favorite Star Trek films for sure.

One of the things people complained about in the first 3 was volume control, namely when I had to yell. It's a valid point. I'm still learning how to do this, so I'll want to remaster them. That means I need to learn how to adjust the volume particularly when the author has a character scream. Fortunately I picked some stories that don't require me yelling.

I sort of wish I could find other stories besides crossovers, but my next one...oh it's too irresistible. Originally, I was going to hint at it and I recorded a line where I had Andrew Cook say he was "bringing sexy back"...but I decided to drop it.

Also, I have to get out of the habit of cussing when I screw up lines. If I catch myself doing it while still on mic, I launch into a torrent of curse words. Friends of mine that have heard this have found this to be the best part of the show that gets cut out.